Odds are, right now, you're feeling a little awkward.  Talking about porn does that to people.  But that you're here is perhaps recognition that the problem of porn is rearing its ugly head in your school, workplace, church, or even your own life.  

It's no surprise, really.  Consider the following statistics taken from a survey by the Burnet Institute*:

The great news is, there is much to be hopeful about.  People caught in the throes of porn addiction often feel like their world is dark.  But there is light and hope.  Our hope is to help a few people see that light and get help, as well as to warn people of the darkness. 

Porn often sells itself as something that brings excitement and joy and life.  And it does, sort of, for a bit.  But as it grabs hold of people, it actually delivers the opposite: shame, addiction, despair and complete dissatisfaction. 

Porn is one of those social issues that needs to be specifically addressed, rather than just mentioned in passing.  Its effect is felt by both men and women. And considering how taboo porn is, open and clear conversation is vital.  We need a frank chat about porn.

James works with schools, community groups, churches and businesses to help address the issue of pornography.  

Through education, he works to bring hope and health to young people, as well as giving people the tools to talk frankly about porn.

He'd love to be of help as you seek to address the very real and widespread effects of porn.  Check out the site and get in touch.


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porn statS

You might just be surprised at how prevalent porn is among our young people today.


James is available to speak at your school, church or community group.  To explore his presentations, click here.

*Statistics taken from the Burnet Institute's submission to the Senate Inquiry into the harm being done to Australian children by pornography.  The Burnet Institute's submission is no. 61.  Their statistics come from a 2015 survey.  You can access their submission here.