Meet James

James is an educator, chaplain and speaker.  He has qualifications in History, Education and Theology.

Having worked in a variety of schools for over a decade, he's watched the increasing impact of porn use among young people.  With the rise of technology and internet access, he's seen the age of students consuming porn decrease, and an increased occurrence of porn addiction among young people.  

James works with students, teachers and parents to raise awareness on the effects of porn.  He seeks to give tools and resources to students dealing with unwanted habitual use and addiction.  He seeks to empower young people to make healthy choices regarding sex, relationships and self-esteem.  James also equips parents and teachers to address the issue of pornography among their respective children and students.

James has worked at Barker College and St. Paul's Grammar School.  He has also worked for an Anglican and Baptist church in Sydney.  He has significant experience in working with adolescents and young people and is an engaging and clear speaker.

James lives in Sydney, with his wife Natalie and their 3 young boys.  He hopes to make a difference in the lives of young people and play a small part in breaking the pornopoly.