Breaking the pornopoly

There’s a pornopoly in our society. 

Each and every day, in our schools and homes, porn speaks loudly. 

It’s preaching. 

Porn preaches that orgasms = happiness. It preaches that the value of a person is determined by the size of their ‘assets’; as if body parts determine worth.  It preaches that people are objects to be dominated and consumed.  It preaches that real people, real relationships and real sex aren’t real.

And it’s preaching a lie.

After years of working with young people I’ve come to realise how big an issue porn is.  Kids are accessing porn more regularly and at a younger age than ever before.  It’s a huge problem for young guys but it also affects loads of young girls too. It shapes the way young men view women.  Hell, it’s even leading to erectile dysfunction among young men in record numbers never seen before.

But it’s not just teenagers.  Porn has been preaching that it’s a harmless pastime, and men and women the world around are believers.  You don’t need to be a psychologist to realise that this consumption of porn is going to shape the way that people view sex.  It’s going to shape relationships and make them more difficult than they already are.  Because porn doesn’t give tips on good sex, nor does it help people to understand what real love is.  It’s preaching a lie.

Every monopoly throughout history has eventually failed, and I'm convinced the pornopoly will too.  So today, I’m starting a mission to break the pornopoly.  To be a small voice against the tide.  To help young people find their way out of the dark cycle of addiction.  

Will you join me?