Do You Keep A Slave? You Sure?

You might think that slavery is something of a bygone era.  Think the middle passage across the Atlantic and the African slave trade. You may even have heard of how William Wilberforce spent his entire life to successfully kill off the slave trade in the Commonwealth. 

But the heartbreaking reality is that the slave trade is bigger than it has ever been. Sure, it has changed since Wilberforce did his thing, but today human trafficking is thriving.

Most people think of pornography use as an individual problem that may have some personal consequences.  If you think of it as some concentric circles, the individual is in the middle, with his or her family in the next circle.  For most people, that’s about where it ends.

We think about the impact of porn on users but rarely do we stop and think about those within the industry.  Those within the industry want to paint it as glamorous and lucrative. We think of the people involved as ‘porn stars’ and ‘actors’.  

But for many women involved in the sex industry in countries around the world, this is not their plight.  Rather than a lifestyle marked by freedom and cash, these women are owned by another person.  They smile for the cameras, they act, but their reality is far worse.  They’re slaves.  Their pimp owns them and films them.

So while habitual porn use can have significant detrimental effects on those who consume it, the effects on those involved in making it can be far worse.

When talking to people about internal boundaries that help them to choose to not watch porn, this is an important one on the list. Remembering that although the woman may look like she’s there of her own accord and enjoying what’s being done to her, her reality may be far different. 

And as people click on what they like, they increase the demand for that kind of woman, which perpetuates further trafficking. 

Rescue Freedom International are an incredible organisation that works to end slavery in the world.  They’ve also highlighted the links between sex trafficking and pornography.  I’ve included an infographic of theirs here and a video below.  You can check out their website and support them here.

Do the world and your fellow human beings a favour and #refusetoclick.