When it comes to inviting someone to your school to talk to your students about pornography, you want to have confidence that what you're getting will be appropriate, engaging and helpful.

Below are some testimonials from educational leaders who have valued James' work with their schools.

“James came to Macquarie and spoke to students from Year 6 through to Year 12. Despite the confronting nature of the topic I have had nothing but positive feedback from our students and parents about the message that he brought and the way he brought it. Our young women and men feel empowered to take control of their own choices and the way they engage with their friends.  The parents, including myself who attended the evening session are inspired to act to both protect and even more importantly talk with our young people. I have already received requests that James returns in 2017.

As a father and as a Headmaster I could not have been happier with the way James dealt with this challenging issue. He is a wonderful presenter, who uses the latest research, statistics and a sense of humour to speak the truth and to give wise advice on how to best plot a path to deal with the pervasive world that is Pornography. I would unreservedly recommend James and his work to any schools, churches and community groups who wish to come to really understand this issue and deal with it in a way that will empower their young people.”

Craig Mansour, Headmaster at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, Dubbo, NSW


“If you need a speaker to talk to student or adult forums on the issue of pornography, then James is a person you can trust to be sensitive, discrete and honest about its dangers without being judgemental or alarmist. His presentations are practical, engaging and interactive without being threatening to his audience. There is no-one I know who can speak to this uncomfortable topic so gently and yet so forcefully."

Andrew Kokic, Deputy Headmaster at Macarthur Anglican School, Cobbity, NSW

"Our secular, inner city school community is a diverse one. Many of the parents with whom I spoke following your presentation commented that they appreciated the tone of your session and the approach that you took: to inform drawing on recent research reports and expert submissions, and to offer suggestions for how to start conversations with our children of primary and secondary school age. Practical advice on managing account set-ups on devices was also appreciated. From my perspective, the parent presentation at our school created an opportunity for me to talk with others who care about their children developing healthy sexual identities and respectful relationships."   

Dr Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, International Grammar School (IGS) parent


"The leadership team at our school felt very strongly that we needed to address the issue of pornography with our students.  Our only hesitation was how to approach the topic with our students and how well it would be received by the wider community.  James delivered the program in a honest, up-front, yet sensitive manner that engaged the students and gave them relevant information about the dangers of pornography.  The sessions were well-received by the students and the parent community who were appreciative of the school being proactive about an issue that can be difficult to broach."

Joe Wright, Deputy Principal at Fraser Coast Anglican College, Hervey Bay, QLD


"James recently presented to our entire Secondary school about the consequences of pornography on self, its addictive nature, and its potential impact on developing healthy and happy relationships. The seminars were age-appropriate and challenging, with much positive feedback given by students afterwards. Parents were supportive of the presentations also; many reported that it gave them a platform from which to open a conversation with their child. I would recommend James' presentations to any school that is serious about whole-child wellbeing and intentional about promoting protective behaviours in young people."
Geraldine Paynter, Head of Secondary Years at Norwest Christian School, Riverstone, NSW
"James was able to sensitively and powerfully challenge the students to reflect on their online behaviour and own up to activity that needed to change. The result has been that this area, that traditionally has been difficult to address with teenagers, has been discussed and students have been able to consider how their actions can have long term consequences. 
One thing I really like about the way James relates to the students is that he is able to “call out” behaviour of the students in a way that is non-judgmental but is really effective. He has this innate ability to understand students and anticipate what they are thinking. He uses stories from his life, that students find engaging and relatable to get the message to them. I found the experience of watching James with our Year 9 students this year to be so powerful and life changing for these boys, we have been so blessed to have been able to have James speak to the boys and potentially prevent them from making decisions that could so negatively impact their lives beyond school. He also empowered our girls to not stand for behaviour from the boys that degraded them or made them feel uncomfortable, such a strong and empowering message for the girls. It has truly been a blessing having James speak to the students. 
I would recommend James Grady to every school who are ready to make a stand against pornography and educate their students, both boys and girls, about its dangers. He really can change the lives of your students in the presentations he provides."

Karen Keogh, Head of Secondary School, St. Paul's Grammar School, Penrith, NSW

"James is an engaging and thought-provoking presenter who deals with the issues surrounding pornography head on. He does not shy away from the realities of pornography in the world today and the effects it is having on individuals, marriages, and the wider community. James deals with this topic with both maturity and sincerity and quickly builds rapport with the students he is speaking to. This enables him to gain their trust and get honest answers and feedback from them. All in all, James is a must have presenter on the topic of pornography for any students ranging from 12 years of age and up."  

Jonathon Nicholls, 9-12 Coordinator, Illawarra Christian School, Albion Park, NSW

"James Grady's talk was timely and informative.  It will help save our precious kids from a lot of horrendous pressures and distortions of what sex is all about, leaving them free to form healthy relationships.  Good on you staff at MAGS, and James for pioneering the programme."

Parent at Macquarie Anglican Grammar School, Dubbo, NSW

"Really good, non judgemental and focused on real stats and real issues."

Year 10 Student

"Thank you so much for organising the 'Frank Chat' on Wednesday, his insightful and respectful attitude on a topic many people of our age laugh at was so important and beneficial for us as a cohort to listen to and be apart of. The online interaction he utilised set him apart from other speakers or videos we have watched or listened to in the past. In recognising that we had become apart of his statistics made me personally realise that it is a big issue within our technological generation. I left the talk still thinking of everything he said and the conversation continued within my friendship group throughout lunch on the detrimental impacts of Pornography within our generation.
I know many of us appreciated this chat! Thank you."

Senior Student

"The porn talk I think was direct to the problems that porn has put our society. He was aware of the different effect that porn has on kids (mainly boys) in today's society. Addressing the problem that it has caused, different dysfunctions and attitudes towards women and expectations of sex. The part that really connected to me was when he talked about the idea of women as a property in Porn. I think that some boys do believe that girls are something to conquer and some of them don't have the ability to be in a relationship without the expectation of pornographic sex. The other thing that connected to me a lot was when he was mainly addressing the boys about how they have 'mates' and they don't have 'friends'. This is a really big thing, especially in our grade. I believe that a lot of the young men in our grade don't have someone they can talk to because all of 'da boys' are hoped up on testosterone and don't have the maturity to have a conversation about emotions because it can be seen to make the boys 'weak' or 'gay' or something like that.  
I think that the speaker connected to a lot of the girls on an emotional level, and on a level that they related to. I know from just one conversation I had with a small group of girls, the girls I was talking to all said that they agreed with what the speaker said about how women are treated as a gender (sometimes seen as a property, not as a person), and how boys have a very high expectation of women in a sexual manner."

Senior Student 

"So appreciative of the fact that you took the time out to look at this from a females perspective, very very grateful."

Year 11 Student

"Thank you, over the last week or so, I have tried to stop. I have succeeded so far and you helped me to keep going. Right now I don't even get an urge anymore to watch porn. So thank you, keep it up."

Year 9 Student