James has a number of interactive presentations for schools that can be catered to your specific needs or context as well as the available time.  These are based on the most up-to-date research on the effects of pornography.   

Each presentation is adaptable, age appropriate and can be suited to co-ed or single gendered groups.  It's worth remembering that this is not just an issue for boys, but has a huge effect on girls as well.  The usual length of a presentation is 50-60 minutes, but James is able to adapt them for workshops up to two hours in length.

James is also able to conduct confidential and anonymous real-time surveys to provide broad data to schools about porn usage and attitudes.  This data can be used by the school to guide further education.

For Students

The Porn World We Live In.  Junior High School (Yrs 7-8)

How did we get to the point where porn was so prevalent? And what does porn teach us about the worth of people, sex and relationships?  Why is porn so attractive and what should I do when I see it?  This presentation challenges young people to think about the consequences of their decisions regarding porn in order to help them shape the way they view themselves and others.

Porn On The Brain?   Middle High School (Yrs 9-10)

Is porn just a bit of harmless fun?  Or can it begin to shape the way our brains work?  This presentation explores the effects of porn on the brain, and how porn can become addictive and destructive. The way in which porn shapes the way we interact with others is considered, along with issues of sexting and technology.

Are Porn & Joy Friends?  Senior High School (Yrs 11-12)

At the end of the day, much joy in life is directly related to how healthy our relationships are.  Will porn help or hinder healthy relationships?  The way in which porn shapes our attitudes to sex, relationships, each other and ourselves is explored.  It challenges the unhelpful views of sex conveyed in porn and seeks to equip students to deal with some of the relational consequences.  The specific effects of porn on males and females are considered, and real love is explored, along with how to build long-lasting, joy-filled, relationships.

For Teaching Staff - Professional Development


James has a number of presentations available to equip teaching staff to better care for and teach students in a porn-saturated culture.  

Pornography On The Brain - 90 minutes

This presentation looks at the effects that habitual pornography use has on a young person's brain.  It covers some of the associated harms that result from this and how this specifically effects boys and girls. This presentation helps teachers to understand the current culture of pornography use among students.  It includes current research on pornography exposure, use and effects.  This presentation is best done in conjunction with the student presentations.

Pastoral Care In A Pornified World - 90 minutes

This presentation looks at the pastoral issues that result from pornography use among young people, and how to address them in the school context.  This includes consideration of pastoral programs within the school, issues relating to sexting and relationships as well as how to consider this issue from a discipline perspective. 

Pornography Education Within Curriculum - 90 minutes

This presentation looks at building skills that will help young people to make wise choices regarding pornography within your current curriculum.  Pornography education is often left to either the PDHPE faculty, or Religious Education (if at all).  This presentation explores how explicit and implicit education can take place in a wide range of subject areas.  It considers how to build skills regarding visual literacy so that students might be thoughtful about the messages contained within media generally and pornography specifically. This presentation also helps teachers to understand how students who regularly watch porn can be both engaged and challenged in the classroom environment. 

Pornography in the Secondary School - 3-4 hours

This presentation is a combination of the three presentations above, and is suitable for a half-day professional development session.  It combines consideration of current research on pornography, as well as addressing pastoral care and education within the curriculum.  


James is also available to work with your school in designing a plan to explore some of the impacts of porn on young people.  This can be within the teaching curriculum of a variety of subjects, a pastoral care or well-being program, or even in sex ed classes in late primary school.

For Parents

Porn-Wise Parenting

Every recent study into the prevalence of pornography suggests that a child's exposure to porn is not if, but when.  This presentation helps parents to understand the effects of porn on young children and adolescents. It provides tools and resources for parents to protect their children from the harms related to pornography, as well as equipping them to begin the important conversation that parents need to have with their children.  This presentation is great to have in connection with those given to students.